Novocomedy launches OTT Channel on brand new platform OneHubTV


Paris, October 5th 2020 – Novocomedy, the leading worldwide distributor of family-oriented comedy shows and funny clips makes its OTT debut with its own VOD channel on the OneHubTV platform, launched September 2020 and available worldwide. Novocomedy will start with over 350 hours of its niche content: hidden cameras / pranks, home videos / funny clips along with magic shows and animation, for family-friendly entertainment. OneHubTV is Vision 247’s new OTT initiative, consisting of 80 channels at launch aiming to increase to 300+ channels within 12 months with a mix of VOD and linear channels offering a wide variety of content such as movies, music, news, sports, and more.

“This newly secured partnership is one of many more to come.” says François-Xavier Poirier, founder and CEO of Novocomedy. “Our mission is to establish ourselves as the leading provider of funny content on the OTT market, as we have on the TV market. Our collaboration with OneHubTV is one of the first steps in our strategy to conquer these broadcasting platforms. We’re excited to be working with a young, ambitious global partner, and even more excited for what the future holds. As a leader in this industry, we welcome new partnerships from around the globe, with the aim to make our thousands of non-verbal shows available to even more people.”

“ONEHUBTV offers an ultimate entertainment experience targeted at Generation X-ers and Millennials in diaspora communities worldwide, offering them access to linear TV and on-demand content from any region around the world. We believe that people preserve a sense of home no matter where they end up living, so there will be something for everyone as we reconnect them with the TV they know plus more. We want our audiences to feel at home whenever and wherever they are watching OneHubTV.

Our vision is to deliver fantastic quality and diverse content from across the globe to homes all over the world via the most welcoming, innovative, and accessible platform. TheOneHubTV platform is now making that vision a reality and we are thrilled to have so many partners onboard at the start of this amazing endeavour. We look forward to adding more fantastic programming to the over 80 channels we have started with, so we can provide an even better viewing experience on OneHubTV, she added.”


About Novocomedy 

Novocomedy is a distribution company founded in 2009 based in Paris, France. Its catalogue contains one of the widest collections of funny and entertaining shows in the world, boasting more than 2000 hours of HD content ranging from candid cameras to home videos as well as magic, circus, sport or animation. Working hand-in-hand with its California-based production partner, Redwood Media, Novocomedy’s goal is to provide quality and highly entertaining programming to traditional TV broadcasters and VOD platforms around the world.

About Vision 24/7 — ONEHUBTV

VISION24/7 Ltd. is a leading digital communications and managed broadcast service provider, offering complete media and technology solutions. We consistently deliver optimum quality managed services, utilising best practice solutions to lower launch-to-market costs and minimise continuity risks.. We deliver and distribute digital content for brands that want to grow and keep their audiences, by providing content across every device while ensuring it is discovered, optimised, and monetised at every opportunity.


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