Animated series “Nutri Ventures – The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms”
joins Novocomedy’s catalogue

Paris, 23 July 2018 – Novocomedy, distributor of funny comedy shows and clips throughout the world, is now the proud distributor of animated series “Nutri Ventures – The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms”, produced by Portugal-based Nutri Ventures.

“Nutri Ventures – The Quest for 7 Kingdoms”, composed of 52 episodes x 22 minutes, is the first children’s entertainment brand in the world developed exclusively to promote healthy eating in a positive creative environment so that kids associate good feelings with healthy food. Destined for an audience from 4 to 10 year-old children, it was produced in 2013 and aired in 47 countries, including on hulu in the USA, Disney Channel in Spain, RPT2 in Portugal and SBT in Brazil.

The series is also well know in Portugal for its partnership with fast-food chain McDonald’s through the creation of the “Nutri Ventures Happy Meal promotion”, aiming at choosing fruit and vegetable in their meals rather than other ingredients. The promotion was a huge success and McDonald’s is considering spreading the concept in other countries.

“I’ve worked with Nutri Ventures for some time now and we have a trusting relationship. Their animation is so well adapted to today’s parents desires to have their children watch quality programming bringing children the awareness of healthy food habits, says François-Xavier Poirier, Novocomedy’s CEO. ”We are all fans of the series here and strongly believe that animated series with a healthy message should be widespread. It’s a real pleasure to have this title in our catalogue”.

“We are very happy to have our cherished series in the care of Novocomedy”, says Rodrigo Carvalho, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Nutri Ventures. “We have been working with FX and his team for quite some time and we believe they are the right partners to maximize the reach of our series, whether on traditional TV channels, airlines or local VOD platforms.”


About Novocomedy

Novocomedy is a distribution company founded in 2009 based in Paris, France. Its catalogue contains one of the widest collections of funny and entertaining shows in the world, boasting more than 2000 hours of HD content ranging from candid cameras to home videos as well as magic, circus, sport or animation. Working hand-in-hand with its California-based production partner, Redwood Media, Novocomedy’s goal is to provide quality and highly entertaining programming to traditional TV broadcasters and VOD platforms around the world.

About Nutri Ventures

Nutri Ventures is the first children’s entertainment brand in the world to promote Healthy Eating. At a time when child obesity is considered by the World Health Organization to be the pandemic of the 21st-century, Nutri Ventures is a fun and effective response to the issue of healthy eating for children between the ages of 4 and 10. Our objective is to use entertainment to create a positive environment around the issue of healthy eating so that children will associate good feelings with healthy food and parents will be provided with a perfect opportunity to influence their children’s diet.

But, much more than just an animated series, we are also a movement and a cause! That’s why, in every country, Nutri Ventures is setting up partnerships with organizations whose mission is aligned with ours. This is the case with government departments for Education and Health, NGO’s that promote the cause of Healthy Eating, food distributors and producers. We are helping to strengthen the message of each one of these partnerships through our story and characters. Only by joining together can we beat this 21st century pandemic and create a healthier future for our children!


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